Monday, April 20, 2009

Sex and the City Part 2???

Ok the title is slightly deceiving:) The television show and film have had phenomenal success all over the world, and more so the styles and fashion worn on the show and film alike. When people say Carrie, they immediately think a huge flower, and when they say Big, you think a polished suit or a tuxedo.
Therefore I designed two chairs (HIS & HERS) paying homage to the greatest love story on television.
The two chairs were upholstered in a grey pinstriped wool, very luxurious.
Carrie's chair has a pink velvet trim, with buttons covered in the same wool fabric and hand sewn individually on the trim, which alone took a week to finish. The flowers are all in silk chiffon with feathers.
On Big's chair, I added a touch of purple in silk satin, which was pleated on top of the white silk satin applique. The buttons were covered in black silk satin as well, which was also used for the trim and bow tie.
Here you have Carrie and Big!
The Mood Board

Carrie Chair

Mr. Big Chair


  1. love them
    Is the wood in gold leaf? have you tried them in silver leaf?

  2. Thank you Tareq. Glad you loved them.
    The wood is finished in a pale pink wash, and the carvings are in gold leaf. They would have also looked beautiful in silver leaf but the chairs were finished prior to me deciding on the upholstery

  3. I can see myself in a pink negligee and 5 inch heels on the Carrie chair!

  4. Hahahahaha Glad u like it Doctor:)