Monday, April 13, 2009

Alice in Wonderland is here!

I have to apologise for not posting any pictures of Burlesque! To be brutally honest, I just needed to get the hang of blogging. The thought of it terrified me. So here's my second attempt:) Enjoy!

The Entrance "THE RABBIT HOLE"

The Candy Room

The Great White Room

The Cabaret

The Tattoo Parlor

The Gentleman's Room


  1. Ok, as much as the pictures look stunning.. it is still not doing the place justice.. you need to touch, enjoy textures and even the lighting of each room. a great amount of details were put here. when I visited burlesque, Laith was laughing at my reactions each time I get to a room.. each room made me feel like a different person/character and I didn't want to leave.. Thank you Laith for being an inspirational address here in Dubai..

  2. Thank you sooooooo much Linda for all your lovely comments. I do appreciate them very much. You were the first person who contacted me before even opening our doors. You have supported me from day one and I will always remember that:) Thank you for everything:)

  3. this is amazing !
    i have never seen this much unique and burlesque design before !!!!
    Lathe,your job is great and lovely as always..

  4. Can i live here please??!!!

    The place is amazing..Great job mashallah..

  5. It´s a very amazing place and done with so much love and fantasy - it´s pretty !!!
    I never saw something special like this before !! Lathe , you did a very good job !!!

  6. Its amazing work! my e-mail is angela_blanchard @