Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream

This is not a stage from a show on Broadway nor is it a movie set. In fact it is a wedding I designed last year in February. I know this might seem slightly unusual to many people, but this is how weddings are mainly done in the Gulf region.
The main stage is called a “KOSHA” in Arabic. The Kosha usually consists of one sofa in front of the guests where the bride reigns queen for the night, as female guests congratulate her, take pictures with her and observe her beauty.
This is a tradition carried out, as women have their wedding separate from the men’s. After all the dancing and celebration nears an end, that’s when the groom comes into the reception hall, takes his bride by the hand and leaves with her for their honeymoon.
This wedding in particular, is a close one to my heart. I designed it for my best friends sister’s wedding. She wanted something extremely magical and romantic. Something out of a fairytale and that’s exactly what she got!
The mood was inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream, Narnia, and Lord of the rings, with elements of Art Nouveau.
Thousands of roses and flowers were flown in from Holland to bring this fairytale into reality. A tree sat on to the side of the stage as its branches and leaves canopied the 15,000 Swarovski crystals encrusted sofa. Peal chandeliers cascading on the other side of the stage, within layers and layers of greenery.
The catwalk, where the bride walks on as she enters and exits the reception hall is also a dance floor. It was covered entirely in a custom printed damask vinyl, and the sides were printed in a lace motif. We also built a small stage to the side of the main stage “KOSHA”, where the harpist played as guests were arriving.
The tables were covered in coral velvets, and on top sat bronze centerpieces, with the most spectacular flower arrangements in roses and orchids in yellows, corals, and reds. The final result was mesmerizing.


  1. Amazing work Laith, it truly looks like a movie set, with a good budget too :) It looks so dreamy and "floating"
    I always wondered what happens to all these expensive pieces once the wedding is over.

  2. Great attention to details Laith..
    and my favorite part is the chairs.. they always cover them with a white cloth and a mini mouse bow here!!

    ps. I can post now