Friday, June 3, 2011

To Leopard or not to Leopard, That is the question?

courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home

Leopard Print is a word that often scares your typical client away. They find only by suggesting it, or the thought of even using it makes you a tacky designer.

On the contrary, it could be extremely chic if used in the right doses and the best quality of fabrics. Kings and Royalty alike have used it on their Thrones as a sign power, depicted in many of The Masters paintings.

Modern Day designers, the likes of Alberto Pinto (in my humble opinion one of the best designers of our time) Jacques Garcia, Ralph Lauren, and many more in the past such as Tony Duquette, have often used Leopard Print in their interiors as it adds that element of richness to a place. Be it a Grand Salon, a Cozy sitting room, a lodge, or an oriental style Majlis; just the right piece in Leopard can pull a whole look of a room together.

People often associate leopard print with Tackiness, unrefined taste, and the Nouveau riche!
Yes; Leopard Print could be extremely tacky if not used in the right way. For example Gianni Versace’s use of it in an entire living room, which I am pretty sure he has used the best quality fabrics, yet it looked exceptionally vulgar! Saying that though, I still do respect his aesthetic, as he marketed and made a name for himself as the designer for the Nouveau riche!

Excessive use of Leopard Print can only be pulled off, if it’s in a certain night club with a certain theme or mood in my opinion, but a lot of it in a home wouldn’t be the right choice.

Leopard Print should be used as accent pieces in a room. Such as a cushion, an arm chair, a bench, a beautiful throw on an Emerald Green Damask sofa, a chaise, a rug, would definitely add drama, opulence and refinement to any room.

Even men should not be fearful of using Leopard Print, as I think a few cushions would look wonderful on an aged leather chesterfield sofa in a den or private home office. It even works wonderfully with plaids.

Avoid purchasing cheap velour leopard print cushions, or bed covers from places such as low end department stores. Especially those awful ready made drapes in Nylon!

Either go for high end quality, or forget it! Lorenzo Rubelli carries the most beautiful Silk Velvet Leopard Print I have ever worked with. Just running your hands on that fabric feels rich, and sophisticated.

Same goes for Zebra or any other animal print for that matter!

Be bold and go for it! There’s no wrong in trying. Trust me; it would look wonderful if used correctly.

Leopard and Animal Prints used Correctly

courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home

A beautiful colored Tiger Print Ottoman

A beautiful Bench in Silk Velvet

The work of Tony Duquette

Bisazza has made Mosaic Cool again. Would look great on one Wall in a Bachelor's Pad
An Elegant Zebra Cowhide Upholstered Armchair
courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home

A sophisticated and contemporary way of using Zebra Printed Hide as a bed throw

A Moroccan Boudoir
courtesy of Alberto Pinto

A Grand Salon with touches of Leopard Print Armchairs
courtesy of Alberto Pinto

Tacky and Awful Use of Animal Prints

The ready made drapes I mentioned earlier. Absolutely AWFUL!

A Versace Home Disaster

I really dont know what to make of this. Animal Printed Canvases???

Unfortunately, a beautiful room with Tacky furniture! Donatella Versace's Bedroom

I have always wondered who designs these useless wall hangings, which dont make sense at all whatsoever, and to top it all off they are just plain UGLY. Who even buys such ugliness??

The Piece De Resistance. What the heck was Versace Home thinking when they designed this Eyesore of a sectional? It was feaured in Kanye West's Home.

A very classy Limo interior, custom made for Mel B...Seriously she designed it for herself.

Nothing worse than cheap Animal Prints bedding with matching Drapes

One of the ugliest washbasins and counter tops I have ever laid my eyes upon. Titled the Artist Edition by KOHLER