Saturday, August 8, 2009

In the memory of Zahid Ansari

I’ve been thinking about writing something for quite sometime now about a man whom I respected and admired very much. Zahid Ansari.
He was a man of passion, fine taste, opulence, and grand interiors. A true perfectionist! His passion for furniture, and fine details were beyond anyone I had ever met.
He had an eye for details; everything about him was in his details. From the finish of a chair, the trimmings, the embroidery, the lace, even the studs were hand picked and finished in a certain way.
He could transform an ordinary piece of furniture into something totally unexpected, and turn it into a work of art. No one could mix or combine colors, textures and materials as effortlessly as he did.
Zahid’s untimely passing at such a young age, has left us with wonderful memories of his wonderful soul and incredible work.
You will be greatly missed Zahid!

Zahid Ansari 1953-2008
image courtesy of Nini Voilette

Zahid's Last Winter Window Display
image courtesy of Nini Voilette


  1. It is nice to know that someone actually took some time to write about this genious. I was lucky to know him. He was gem of a person.

    I wish whole world knew about him. He deserved more than what he got from life.

    Miss you Zahid

  2. All the memories I have of my brother Zahid are of taking an object and making it into a timeless classic. I remember going on countless trips with him to the different markets where he carefully picked raw materials and had them all put togther to make rare and exclusive treasures. I miss his jokes, his smile, his generosity, his love for his work and others, his humanitarianism. You are dearly missed!
    Thanks for making this blog Mr Hadi

  3. you are my inspiration,i love you x